Contact mic-building workshop with #techne. #girlsrockcampnola #girlsrockneworleans #girlsrockcampneworleans (at Waldorf School of New Orleans)

Still looking for the photo of the girl who built a contact mic helmet and went around with a drumstick tapping on her head.


Contact mic-building workshop with #techne. #girlsrockcampnola #girlsrockneworleans #girlsrockcampneworleans (at Waldorf School of New Orleans)

Still looking for the photo of the girl who built a contact mic helmet and went around with a drumstick tapping on her head.

What Oakland city staffers and the OPD plan to do with their huge new surveillance system

Oakland has so far spent $10.9 million on the Domain Awareness Center (the DAC), which is a citywide surveillance system integrating existing surveillance cameras and red light cameras with dedicated servers software with video analytic capabilities, including automated pedestrian and vehicle tracking.  Plans to add many more cameras and functions to monitor and integrate information from social media are in the works.  Investigative reporting from the East Bay Express reveals that the claims that this system was built to address violent crime are patently false: in hundreds of pages of internal memos and emails between city staffers and the OPD, using the DAC to address or reduce violent crime is never mentioned.

New trumpet idol! Ellen Seeling.  Also: “she’s a bodybuilder, she loves to sweat!”

Second take: claymation!

Did a workshop on stop-motion animation with the Young Artists at Work at the YBCA.  Go to their pop-up shops and buy their work!  


Hospital-acquired infections are a serious health problem. One potential source of contamination is through the spread of pathogen-bearing droplets emanating from toilet flushes. The video above includes high-speed flow visualization of the large and small droplets that get atomized during the flush of a standard hospital toilet. Both are problematic for the spread of pathogens; the large droplets settle quickly and contaminate nearby surfaces, but the small droplets can remain suspended in the air for an hour or more. Even more distressing is the finding that conventional cleaning products lower surface tension within the toilet, aggravating the problem by allowing even more small droplets to escape. (Video credit: G. Traverso et al.)

oh no


Lifting the Veil on the Holistic Process at the University of California, Berkeley

I got to be band manager for them! The Lightning Cats. Rock.

San Francisco votes to expand its jails tomorrow

Tomorrow, the three members on the Budget and Finance Committee of the SF Board of Supervisors will meet to discuss, among other things, funding a large new jail within San Francisco city limits (at 6th and Bryant streets).

If you wish to voice your disapproval of this project, you may attend the public Budget and Finance meeting at City Hall Legislative Chamber Room 250 at 10:30am.

You may also chose to write any of the three supervisors on the Committee.  They are John Avalos (, Mark Farrell (, and Eric Mar (  Here is a sample letter I just wrote!  Steal it or modify it or write your own!  (Next time I will post with more warning I promise.)

Dear Supervisor Avalos,

I will only be able to attend a small portion of the Budget and Finance meeting tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I wrote to express my strong disapproval of the plan to build a new jail within San Francisco city limits.

Prison realignment throughout California, combined with draconian sentencing guidelines and wrong-headed bail policy, has put tremendous pressure on county jails across the state. Currently, nearly 75% of the people in San Francisco’s jail are *awaiting trial*: many of these people have been locked up for months and even years. I draw from a recent CURB publication: “Common sense bail reform could keep these people in the community and reduce jail populations and costs.”

I realize that San Francisco is in a bind here: the prisons are overflowing and a federal court order has mandated that overcrowding be curbed by the end of the year. Meanwhile, sentencing guidelines and bail policy are often set at a state and federal level. Not everything is up to the S.F. Board of Supervisors!

But we San Franciscans are being asked to foot an enormous bill for these misguided, mercenary, and ultimately unethical statewide policies. We should not have to pay for this. We should not support this jail expansion anyways: we would be far better served by investing our money in our poorest communities, NOT by jailing those communities. San Francisco can and should take symbolic and practical steps to resist the epidemic of incarceration in our state.

Supervisor Avalos, you have the purse strings. *Withhold them!*

Please vote NO on the grant funding the proposed jail expansion tomorrow.

Your constituent,



Finally done! One of my last projects for my senior portfolio, I drew the top female emcees (at least from late 90s - today) as tarot queens.

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